Course curriculum

All lessons are released at once.

    1. Welcome to ETH 101

    2. Lecture: Why Study Ethics?

    3. Why Study Ethics?

    4. Lecture: What is Ethics?

    5. What is Ethics?

    6. Ethics vs. Morals

    7. Lecture: Ethics as a Toolkit

    8. Ethics as a Toolkit

    9. Lecture: Thought Experiments

    10. Thought Experiments

    1. Lecture: Ethical Relativism

    2. Ethical Relativism

    3. Lecture: Ethical Objectivism

    4. Ethical Objectivism

    5. Lecture: Ethical Systems

    6. Ethical Systems

    1. Lecture: Deontology Overview

    2. Deontology Overview

    3. Code of Hammurabi

    4. Lecture: Religious Ethics

    5. Religious Ethics

    6. The Ten Commandments

    7. Lecture: Contracts

    8. Contracts

    9. Code of Conduct

    10. Lecture: Categorical Imperative

    11. Categorical Imperative

    12. Deontology Quiz

    1. Lecture: Consequentialism Overview

    2. Consequentialism Overview

    3. Lecture: Utilitarianism

    4. Utilitarianism

    5. Greatest Happiness Principle

    6. Lecture: Cost-benefit Analysis

    7. Cost-benefit Analysis

    8. Cost-benefit Analysis Example: FEMA

    9. Lecture: Justice

    10. Justice

    11. Justice According to Rawls

    12. Justice According to Nozick

    13. Consequentialism Quiz

    1. Lecture: Virtue Ethics Overview

    2. Virtue Ethics Overview

    3. Lecture: Aristotle's Virtue Ethics

    4. Aristotle's Virtue Ethics

    5. Lecture: Religious Virtue Ethics

    6. Religious Virtue Ethics

    7. Lecture: Cultural Virtue Ethics

    8. Chivalry

    9. Virtue Ethics Quiz

    1. Introduction to Thought Experiments

    2. Lecture: Hiding Anne Frank

    3. Hiding Anne Frank

    4. Hiding Anne Frank Solutions

    5. Lecture: The Trolley Problem

    6. The Trolley Problem

    7. The Trolley Problem Solutions

    8. The Trolley Problem Variant 1

    9. The Trolley Problem Variant 1 Solutions

    10. Lecture: The Drowning Child

    11. The Drowning Child

    12. The Drowning Child Solutions

    13. Lecture: The Prisoner's Dilemma

    14. The Prisoner's Dilemma

    15. The Prisoner's Dilemma Solutions

About this course

  • $29.00
  • 2.5 hours of video content
  • This course is 12 weeks long.
  • This course has discussions.

How does this course work?

This course is self-directed but time-limited. You have 12 weeks of access, which is more than enough time to finish all 10 units. All of the content is released at once, so you can work on more or less as your schedule allows. You are evaluated based on quizzes and discussions.

  • Quizzes: Each unit concludes with a quiz which is designed to help you apply your knowledge rather than just memorize.

  • Readings: Each unit contains readings which are examples of the ideas being discussed. You'll read excerpts from classic works in philosophy and ethics.

  • Lectures: All video lectures are pre-recorded and you can watch them as your schedule allows. There are no scheduled/live lectures.